Consumption and Society (CaS)

by Lodi Kini

The division ‘Consumption and Society’ investigates consumption as an everyday life activity and its intersections with issues such as identity, well-being, solidarity, belonging, and social inequality. In this case, consumption extends beyond the traditional definition of buying and using goods and services. Consumption is viewed a symbolic activity through which individuals and communities reproduce, resist, negotiate, and transform dominant (and alternative) values in society. To supplement the mainstream economic perspective of consumption, this research division advocates a more critical, sociologically-informed analysis of consumption in contemporary Indonesian society, which is marked by the continued rise of the middle-class, massive capital movement, and increased commodification and commercialization of community lifeworlds. How do individuals and communities use consumption as a medium of collective care and to voice their aspirations? Furthermore, how does consumption facilitate one social group’s mobility while marginalise others? In this division, we explore these issues in various domains such as education, health, tourism, and arts and culture.

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On-going Research:

Marketplace exclusion in the Indonesian higher education sector / Eksklusi Pasar di Sektor Pendidikan Tinggi Indonesia (PhD research, University of Liverpool)

Project and advocacy:

  • Consumption in post-disaster recovery / Konsumsi dalam Pemulihan Pasca-Bencana
  • Consumer vulnerability / Kerentanan Konsumen
  • Vintage consumption / Konsumsi Barang-Barang Lawas
  • Alcohol and compulsive consumption / Alkohol dan Konsumsi Kompulsif
  • Consumption and pride in Indonesian buy-local campaign / Konsumsi dan Kebanggaan dalam Kampanye Beli Produk Lokal Indonesia
  • Media consumption and Hoax  / Media dan Konsumsi Berita Sesat 

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