Migration and Human Trafficking

by Lodi Kini

Migration is a critical study of vulnerable people who moves from their villages, including the push and pulls factor and the consequences of migration. Migration studies take a comprehensively perspective on the environment, socio-cultural situation, economy, and state policies that regulate migration.

Migration studies give recommendations regarding good governance to produce sustainable policies for marginalized communities in collaboration with civil society and religious institutions.

Migration studies examine modern migration patterns, political economy conditions in the destination countries and social changes in migrant enclaves.

Trafficking in persons is action research on the situation of modern slavery, the actors and networks that work in it, state policies in dealing with it and workers who become the subject to wages exploitation, labour and violence.

The study of trafficking in persons sociologically examines the cases of trafficking in persons in Nusa Tenggara Timur and the application of legislation in the field.

The study of trafficking in persons looks at structural poverty, human and natural resources, governance, and the relationship between social institutions as objects of study.

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